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Our goal is to inform individuals of the latest and most technologically advanced solutions available for hair loss today. Whether your expectations require medical or non-medical assistance, Apollo is the only full service hair restoration studio available in Houston, TX.
Apollo’s mission is to provide men confidence in their appearance by offering cutting edge, non-surgical hair loss solutions. Whether you have just started noticing the signs of hair loss, have lost a majority of your hair, or want to make the hair you have thicker and healthier...

Apollo offers innovative solutions that can give you your natural-look back. We specialize in the following safe and effective surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments:

  • Non-Surgical Hair Restoration in Houston
  • Hair Transplants in Houston
  • Laser Hair Restoration in Houston
  • Hair Loss Prevention in Houston
For More Information, please visit our website:  http://apolloimage.net/

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